Mother's Day Butterfly Cards

Send your mom a touching wish in a gentle Mother’s Day butterfly card. Such an elegant symbol of your heart-to-heart connection will express your emotion and gratitude clearly. She will appreciate many of our colourful designs, so browse attentively to pick the best one!

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If you can’t find a card that fits your idea completely, our online editor can assist you in adding a personal touch. Turn your vision into a reality in just a few clicks! Add a warm message to one of our templates or place your own picture on the front. This unique happy Mother’s Day butterfly card is sure to stay on display on her windowsill for a long time. 

A simple card, regardless of the beautiful image it has on it, may not be enough for a special mother like yours. So, add a 3D moving butterfly! When she unfolds the card, a paper figure will pop out and fly around for several seconds. These butterfly Mother’s Day cards look like magic and will be a wonderful surprise for the recipient. It is a beautiful holiday, so make it truly special!

All the above ideas for happy Mother’s Day butterfly card have one great advantage; they are universal and would suit not only the mother but also an aunt or your friend who is a mother-to-be. A butterfly is a common but lovely symbol that is suitable for all kinds of relationships, so you could also get it for someone who is like a mother to you. So don’t wait and choose your Mother’s Day butterfly card for the wonderful mother figure in your life now.