Spanish Mother's Day Cards

Pay respect to your cultural roots with one of our Spanish Mother’s Day cards. On this important day, your mum or granny will be glad to receive a card with a greeting written in Spanish. Boomf offers a variety of Mother’s Day cards in Spanish that are sure to put a smile on your mami's face. From traditional designs to modern takes on the classic Mother's Day card, Boomf has something for everyone.

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Such a card will help you to express how much your mom means to you. Browse the collection thoroughly, and you are sure to find the perfect option! Moreover, you can also use our online editor to create your own card. Choose a nice photo and add a confetti explosion for extra fun. Also, this option allows customers to write messages in an elegant font on their Mother’s Day cards in Spanish. This will melt her heart!

What do you write in a Mother's Day card in Spanish?

There are many ways to say “Happy Mother’s Day” in Spanish, depending on the region where you are celebrating. In Spain, they say “Feliz día de la Madre”, while in Mexico they say “Feliz día de las Madres”. No matter how you say it, your mom will appreciate the sentiment.

Here are some other phrases you can use to wish your mum a Happy Mother’s Day in Spanish:

  • Que tengas un muy feliz día de la Madre - I hope you have a very happy Mother’s Day.
  • Con todo mi amor, para mi madre querida - With all my love, for my beloved mother.
  • Gracias por ser la mejor madre del mundo - Thank you for being the best mother in the world.
  • Te quiero mucho, mamá - I love you so much, Mom. 

Not sure what to say in your Spanish Mother’s Day card? No problem! Boomf also offers a variety of pre-written messages that can be added to any card in our Inspiration section.