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Our range of 100% Recycable and Reuse-able cards! 

At Boomf, we are always striving to create the best products possible! This includes making them as eco-friendly as we can. Find out more about our 100% reuse-able and recyclable card range here! 


Our Wild Card, Boomf Cannon and Boomf Bomb all explode or pop-out of the envelope. This is all made possible with just a simple elastic band (shhh don't tell anyone 😉🤫)! This means that when it's time to take the card off your shelf or remove from the fridge, you can remove the elastic band and reuse it! Here's some handy hints of where to reuse these bands: resealing food packaging, holding up jeans and an emergency hair tie!


All of the cards come up a beautifully designed paper envelope which are  100% recycable! so when it's time to pop it in the bin, make sure it's the recycling! 


Have you seen our brand NEW card, the Boomf Cannon. Well, forget the classic plastic confetti cannon. We have reinvited the cannon as you know it and have come up with a genius paper version. Perfect for gender reveals, weddings and so much more! So you can shoot a load of confetti everywhere, guilt free! 


It's no secret that we love confetti here at Boomf (I mean, who doesn't?!). Over the years we have played with many different shapes, colours and material. Our confetti range that explodes in our cards is now 100% biodegarable. Not a sprinkle of plastic in sight! 🎉🎊