Boomf for Business

Boomf for Business

We’re very sorry but we’re at our maximum capacity for Bulk orders therefore unable to take any new requests at this time.

Boomf products

Box of 9 Marshmallows

Our signature product. Nine delicious marshmallows with your images on. Recent clients include Victoria’s Secret, Ted Baker, Max Mara, NARS, Top Shop and many more.

Box of two
Box of 2 Marshmallows

The 9-box’s cute little cousin. This little charmer is a brilliant way to send an invite... or it can make a lovely going-home present.


Boomf on sticks! These marshmallow lollipops are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Individually wrapped in cellophane, they can be used as name places or as fun handouts.

Loose Marshmallows

If you are serving Boomf marshmallows to hand out at your event, loose marshmallows come without the presentation boxes.

Boomf Chocolate
New! Boomf Chocolate

In collaboration with luxury British chocolatier Montezuma's, this is 10cm square of awesome deliciousness.

Boomf Bomb
Boomf Bomb

A personalised card that jumps out of its envelope in a shower of confetti. Contact us for customisation options.

Across your business


A beautifully packaged, delicious marshmallow with your message on it is guaranteed to get noticed… and enjoyed. Boomf is a fun and effective way to reach out to new customers or to maintain existing connections.


In the deluge of press releases and blogger freebies, Boomf ensures that your message gets noticed. No one ignores a marshmallow with their face - or your product - on it.

Internal Comms

We've seen firms use Boomf to thank employees for launching new projects or to reward graduate trainees for completing training.


Serve Boomf and you’ll never suffer from the ‘great event, who was it for?’ problem again.

Accounting & Tax

Only joking… to the best of our knowledge, no client has used Boomf to aid financial decision making.

Special services

Multiple addresses delivery

We send you a template to input your recipient names and addresses. We’ll do the rest. Make use of Boomf’s legendary mail friendliness.

Custom inserts, sleeves and boxes

The insert included in the 9-mallow box is a great place to deliver more information. For even greater impact we can offer customised sleeves or, for really big orders, custom boxes.

We offer partially and fully bespoke Boomf Bombs for large order quantities, please get in contact with us for details. No bespoke orders are done for 2 weeks before each Peak period.

Bring your vision to life

The Boomf factory is a 8,000 sq ft temple to personalisation. We love to push the boundaries. If you’ve got an idea, get in touch. We’d love to see if we can help.


Shelf life

Boomf Marshmallows last for 3 months in their unopened packaging. Mallowpops last for 1 month.


You can have as many different images as you want at no extra cost. Images can only be added to one side of the mallow. We recommend light images with uncluttered backgrounds. For advice and ideas, get in touch.

Lead time

Most orders can be made in 1-2 days. Exceptional orders, and orders placed in our peak periods may take slightly longer. Delivery is next day in the UK, 3-6 days for Europe and 3-10 days for the Rest of the World.

More info and getting started

We’re very sorry but we’re at our maximum capacity for Bulk orders therefore unable to take any new requests at this time.

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