Boomf for business

Boomf for business

A delicious way to make a connection.

Delighting the eye and the taste bud, Boomf delivers a multi-sensory wow to your colleagues and clients. As company gifts or at events, Boomf are guaranteed to provoke smiles and create memorable moments. Whatever the occasion, say it with marshmallows!

9-mallow box

An amazing party invite or as a launch mail-out. We can even dispatch them for you, providing cost-effective and hassle-free delivery.

2-mallow box

A lovely gift to welcome new employees, say farewell to old employees or as cute gifts to new and existing clients.

Served loose

Wonderful ice-breaking nibbles, Boomf are a guaranteed conversation starter.

Mallow pops

A wonderful going-home present... or a sweet welcome treat.

Prices and more info

For more information about pricing, take a look through our Boomf for Business document.

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