Father's Day by kids

Father's Day by kids

Father's Day by kids

Entries are now closed. Thank you for the many wonderful submissions.

Calling all mini Picassos!

It’s time for kids to let their creative superpowers loose. For Father's Day, we're asking kids to create a marshmallow message for their dad to give as a gift on Father’s Day.

We'll put as many designs as possible in a dedicated Father's Day by kids folder. For all featured designs, we'll send the artist a special box of Boomf.

What to create

Create any greeting they want around the Father's Day theme. Either write a message like 'You're my hero', draw a picture for him or combine both!

Here are two examples:

Top tips

  • Drawings should be simple and on a light background.
  • Text works best when it's short, with dark colours.
  • The whole thing needs to fit nicely in a square!

Submitting your design

Simply upload a square picture of your child's Father's Day greeting in the form below. (Note: The campaign has now ended).

When to get started

Ready, steady, go! Get drawing with them (after they finish their homework, of course).

Remember: if we feature your work (and we aim to feature as many as we can), we'll send you a special box of Boomf.

Entry closes at 10am on June 6th.

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