Our top tips for total marshmallowfication perfection:
  • 1.Images with light backgrounds tend to work best.
  • 2.Photos with one or two people work better than group shots.
  • 3.If you're using images with text, leave a couple of millimetres round the edge.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Where can I upload photos from?

    From Instagram, Facebook and your desktop / camera roll. You can upload 9 images at once.

  2. What size should my images be?

    The images you upload should be between 500-1000px and under 5MB.

  3. How do I create a 'Jigsaw' set with one image across 9 mallows?

    • 1.Upload an image or select from your Instagram, Facebook account or from our 'messages' section.
    • 2.Open the white 'preview & edit your Boomf' section.
    • 3.Click your image and then click the blue 'jigsaw' button in the bottom left corner.
  4. What is the Boomf Bomb?

    The Boomf Bomb is a personalised card cube that explodes out of its envelope in a shower of confetti.

  5. I've ordered several Boomf Bombs/Boomf Flutters. How can I tell which one is which?

    When you receive your Boomf Bomb/Boomf Flutter, the recipient name is on the bottom of the address label.

    Please note, our products are posted individually and could arrive at different times.

  6. Does the Bomb come ready to pop? Should I open the envelope?

    The Bomb is ready to pop. There's a outer mailing envelope, which you can open. Inside, there is a white cardboard envelope with multi-colour circles. Don't open that! Give it to the gift recipient.

  7. Can I take the Boomf Bomb on a airplane?

    Yup! It is powered by elastic band, and totally airplane safe.

  8. What is the Boomf Flutter?

    The Boomf Flutter is a personalised card with a flutter hidden inside, when the card is opened the flutter flies out!

  9. Does the Flutter come ready to fly?

    The Boomf Flutter will fly out of the card when opened. To re-use hold the lower wings & rotate the top wings 18 times. An additional elastic band is included to extend the life of your Boomf Flutter!

  10. What is Boomf Chocolate?

    It's a delicious chocolate with your photo on it. It's 10cm x 10cm and weighs 90g. It's made in collaboration with our friends at Montezuma’s, the luxury British chocolatier. Quite frankly it’s the best chocolate we’ve tasted, made all the more memorable by your pictures. It is available in four varieties: milk, dark, milk chocolate with orange and dark chocolate with lime sea salt.

  11. What images look best on Boomf Chocolate?

    Best is to use light and bright images. Avoid blurry, unfocussed ones with lots of black.

  12. What are Mallowpops?

    Think Boomf Mallow on sticks with added 'OMG' factor. They are a great way to surprise your guests or as a gift for a birthday, wedding or christening. Place your order here

  13. What is the Boomf Card?

    It's a personalised gift box. Add a gift inside to complete the present.

  14. I'm having technical issues. What do I do?

    • 1.If you are using your phone, try placing your order on a desktop computer or laptop, as that can sometimes work better.
    • 2.Try logging out and logging in. There are a couple of issues this can fix.
    • 3.Email hello@boomf.com or give us a call. We're here to help.
  15. Can I change my images once I've placed my order?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to amend images once the order has been placed.

  16. I haven't received an email confirming my order. Will I get one?

    You should receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes of placing your order (and also a shipping confirmation once your order gets dispatched). If you haven't received one, it might be worth checking your spam or junk inbox. Alternatively, it could be a typo when creating you account. Get in touch with us and we'll sort that out for you.

  17. I accidentally left the billing address the same as the delivery address. What now?

    Although required for payment processing, we don't store billing information so we can't update it. However, this won't affect the delivery of your Boomf.

  18. Will any information about the price of Boomf be sent with my order?

    With orders sent to the UK and EU, no receipt or information about the price of Boomf is included. International orders, however, do have the price printed on the delivery label which is necessary for customs. If we could change that we would.

  19. How long will it take for my Boomf to be delivered?

      Orders placed before 2pm are produced and shipped that day (excluding weekends and bank holidays). All orders placed after 2pm are shipped the next working day. From there the delivery estimates are as follows:
    • UK - 1 to 3 days. Orders are sent Royal Mail first class. 90% arrive next day.
    • EU - Around 7 working days.
    • USA, AUS & Rest of the World - Around 14 working days.

    For more information, visit shipping info.

  20. Where do you ship to?


  21. Do Boomf need to be signed for when they're delivered?

    Nope. Boomf are designed to fit through your mailbox.

  22. How long do Boomf marshmallows stay fresh for?

    In their packaging, 9-box marshmallows are good for 2 months whereas Mallowpops and 2-box marshmallows are in looser packaging so are good for 4-6 weeks. Once opened the marshmallows should be eaten within 3-5 days.

  23. How do I store the marshmallows?

    Keep the marshmallows in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Don't need to store in the fridge. If your mallows are being delivered to a hot region (e.g. Hong Kong between May and September), you might want to send it to an address where the PO box is not under direct sunlight.

  24. Are Boomf marshmallows suitable for vegetarians?

    The marshmallows are not currently suitable for vegetarians, but why not try our Boomf chocolate instead!

  25. What ingredients are in Boomf products?

    Allergen advice in bold. Products produced in our factory may contain traces of nuts and peanuts.

    Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, gelatine, dextrose, maize starch, acidulant: lactic acid, natural vanilla flavouring. colouring may contain all or some of the following: water, humectant E442, E102, E122, E133, acidifier E330, preservative E202.

    Boomf are gluten free. The gelatine is porcine, so they are not suitable for vegetarians. Each Boomf marshmallow contains approx 24 kcal.

    Strawberry & pistachio white chocolate
    White Chocolate (Milk (min cocoa 29.5%) (Sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole Milk Powder, emulsifier.Soya lecithin,natural vanilla) Pistachio Kernels, freeze dried strawberries

    Chocolate Tool Kit
    Milk chocolate figures (cocoa: minimum 32%milk solids :minimum 22%) decorated. Ingredients: sugar, cocoa, butter whole MILK powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier,soya lecithins,natural vanilla flavour.
    May contain traces of shell fruits, gluten and egg.

    Butter Biscuit
    Ingredients: Sugar, fortified wheat flour (wheat flour,calcium Carbonate,iron,niacin,thiamin) butter Milk,corn flour, pasteurised free range EGG, glucose syrup,palm oil, humectant: vegetable glycerine, emulsifier:mono-anddi-glycerides of fatty acids, stabiliser:tragacanth, raising agents:diphosphates,sodium carbonates: vanilla extract, flavouring, salt, freeze dried range EGG albumen
    ALLERGY ADVICE: Includes cereals containing gluten. May also contain nuts and peanuts.

    Chocolate Lollipops
    Ingredients: Milk chocolate (cocoa solids 38% min, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, 24% min, sugar, vanilla extract, soya lecithin), cocoa butter, colour E171, colour E122
    May contain traces of: nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, gluten.
    Hand made at Melt in Holland Park, 6 Clarendon Road, W11 3AA London www.meltchocolates.com

    Boomf Chocolate


    Milk Chocolate:
    (Sugar, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass (min 40% cocoa solids), Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin &Vanilla) Icing: Modified starches(E1422,E1412) maitodextrin, glyceroi, sugar, water, thickeners ( E460I,E414,E415) dextrose, food colour (E171) Emulsifiers (E435,E471,E491) Preservative(E202) Citric Acid (E330), Artificial flavor Food colouring Colouring may contain all or some of the following: water, humectant-E442, E102, E122, E133, E110, E151, E120, Acidifier E330, Preservative E202, colours may have adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Store in a cool dry place.

    Milk Chocolate with Orange:
    Milk Chocolate (sugar, whole milk powder (milk solids 21%), cocoa butter, cocoa mass (min 40% cocoa solids), emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Vanilla, natural flavouring: orange oil. Icing: modified starch (E1422,E1412,maltodextrin), glycerol, sugar, water, thickeners (E4601, E414, E415), dextrose, food colour (E171), emulsifiers (E435, E471, E491), preservatives (E202, E330), artificial flavour. Food colouring (May contain all or some of the following): water, humectant E442, colours (E102, E122, E133, E110, E151, E120), preservatives (E330, E202). Colours may have adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Store in a cool dry place.

    Dark Chocolate:
    Cocoa mass (min 70% cocoa mass), sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, emulsifier: Soya lecithin. Icing: Modified starch (E1422,E1412,maltodextrin), glycerol, sugar, water, thickeners ( E4601,E414,E415), dextrose, food colour (E171), emulsifiers (E435,E471,E491), preservatives (E202, E330), artificial flavour. Food colouring (May contain all or some of the following): water, humectant E442, colours (E102, E122, E133, E110,E151, E120), preservatives (E330, E202). Colours may have adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Store in a cool dry place.

    Dark with Lime and Sea Salt:
    Dark Chocolate (Cocoa mass (min 70% cocoa solids), sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, emulsifier: Soya lecithin, sea salt, natural flavouring: Lime oil. Icing: Modified starch (E1422, E1412, maltodextrin), glycerol, sugar, water, thickeners (E4601, E414, E415), dextrose, food colour (E171), emulsifiers (E435, E471, E491), Preservatives (E202, E330), artificial flavour. Food colouring (May contain all or some of the following): water, humectant E442, Colours (E102, E122, E133, E110, E151, E120), Preservatives (E330, E202). Colours may have adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Store in a cool dry place.

    Produced in a factory that handles Peanuts & Sesame Seeds

  26. What flavour is a Boomf marshmallow?

    We offer the choice of classic double vanilla or strawberry.

  27. What currencies do you accept?

    We accept USD, EUR and GBP. You have the option to switch to your preferred currency in the checkout page.

  28. Are Boomf suitable for all ages?

    The Boomf Bomb and Boomf Flutter pop/fly when first opened and can reach heights of 1 metre. We trust our customer’s judgement that the card they create is suitable for the recipient they have selected. If you have any further questions please give us a call or email hello@boomf.com.

  29. I want to place a rather large order. Can you help?

    We love seeing Boomf used for special occasions: weddings, parties or company gifts. Check out the special orders page. Or, email specialorders@boomf.com. We'd be delighted to help!

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