Mother's Day Cake Cards

Make your congratulation sweet with a Mother’s Day cake card! With our wide selection, it will be easy to find a fitting one. Pair it with a real cake or your mom’s favourite pastries, and it will melt her heart.
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Every mom is unique, but many of them share common preferences and traits. For example, a fondness for sweets! Here, we offer a selection of cards with cakes and cupcakes, from simple to vibrant. In case this doesn't feel like enough, some have a funny picture, a joke, or a thematic pun. The cards are blank inside, so you can add a personalised, handwritten wish.

To create a truly unique design, check out our online editor. Make a foldable or 3D card with your favourite photo and boost its impact with a tiny confetti explosion. Another option is to add a fluttering paper butterfly that flies out when your mom opens the card. Such a sweet surprise will surely make her feel appreciated!

A Mother’s Day cake card might be the perfect option, so take a few minutes to explore the collection. Let her know how much you care: write a personal wish inside and get her a lovely gift. You could also try baking a cake together, regardless of whether you have done it before! Create a new memory together, and every time she looks at the card, she will remember that beautiful day!