Funny Anniversary Cards

Funny anniversary cards on Boomf! Choose from our vast collection of funny anniversary cards for couples, the right match for the kind of person you are in a relationship with. Nothing can beat a funny happy anniversary card that really says what you want. We have got the best fit in our collection.
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How to make a happy wedding anniversary card funny? 

There is a two-step process to sending a funny wedding anniversary card. 

  1. Choose a funny design.
  2. Write something funny inside.

Now that you have picked a card that you think will fit your partner the most, you can now add the wording that will crack them up even more. Here are some ideas

  • This is to me for sticking with you this long.
  • Great! Another 356 days of enduring your dad jokes.
  • There's no getting out of this marriage alive.

How can I make a funny anniversary card special on Boomf? 

After choosing a card and writing inside, it is time for accessories. Here, you can make a funny anniversary card special with our tools for adding a special personal touch.

Our online personalization tool is always available to help you personalize your funny wedding anniversary card. To add a bit of goofy personality and genuineness, you can find silly pictures, crazy photos and other stuff and add them to your card. Pet names and nicknames can be included because we are sure that both of you go all out when it comes to name-calling.

Finally, you may or may not decide to include the greatest twist of all. Our confetti cards that explode, ta-dah. Or our pop-out card with characters ready to wish you a happy anniversary in a humorous birthday card style. Funny anniversary cards can be very tasteful and on-point if you take your time to personalize them.