First Father's Day Cards

Getting your husband his first father’s day card is one memorable event that will not be easily forgotten. Most likely, you’ve spent hours thinking of how to make that day perfect and as special as the little kid you both created. Search no more. Our amazing Father’s Day cards collection has something for everyone and is surely a must-try.

Make his first Father’s Day memorable for him by gifting him one of our unique and exciting Father’s Day Cards. Below is a guide to getting the perfect Father’s Day card for your significant other. Let’s cut the chase and jump right in!

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What card to get someone for their first Father's Day? 

If you’re unsure of which card to get your spouse or baby daddy on his special day it’s quite understandable. We have quite a few Father’s Day card designs in our collection and sometimes it can be a lot to go through. Having said that, it shouldn’t deter you from making a choice. Some of our top pics at the moment include our 3D pop-up Father’s Day card, our winning Wild Cards and Flutter Cards, as well as our Boomf Bombs exploding confetti 3D Father’s Day cards.

What to write in a Happy 1st Father's Day card?

Remember, while a beautiful and well-designed card counts, a heartfelt message is just as important. It’s the message and the intention as displayed that truly matters. One of the problems  many people face is the problem of what to write in their cards. There’s so much to say and a very little space to do so. It shouldn’t bother you though. A simple “I love you” can literally convey a thousand meanings.  Here are some things to consider when writing your personalized message:

  • Wish him a Happy Father's Day 
  • Thank your husband or partner for their contribution to your life and that of your child.
  • Share a recollection or amusing story that he will cherish.
  • Finish on a warm note.
  • If you aren’t sure you want a handwritten note, you could always use our online editor to type your personalized wish. It comes with such fun and amazing fonts to choose from.

How to make a personalized first Father’s Day card on Boomf?

You can make a selection from our unique trademark designs or you can also choose to create something entirely new altogether. You can easily choose the perfect card for him from our 3D photo cube cards or Popping confetti cards–a customizable confetti card is sure to brighten even the gloomiest of moods. If you’re looking to create your own card, here’s how you can get that done:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Card option at the top of the page
  • Go to the  first Father’s Day cards page
  • Click on “create your own
  • Click on “order” and follow the instructions that come up

Final thoughts

Father's Day cards for your partner should carry a message expressing how wonderful he is. Choose the traits you appreciate so much about him and compose a special and heartfelt message for him on his first father’s day card.