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Edible footie, anyone?

Drinking hot chocolate would never be the same again after Max created his phenomenal Mug With A Hoop at the age of 8. Being a huge success with people across the globe, young and old, the demand for his unique mug soared through the roof and allowed him to expand his range of products to The Mug With a Glove for Baseball lovers, The Soccer Mug With A Goal for football lovers, and a whole lot more!


Just like Boomf’s co-founder, James Middleton, Max has built a successful company where his dyslexia wasn’t limiting his creativity, rather it helped him create an amazing range of products. 

“While dyslexia can make learning school hard, it is also a gift that got me to think of putting a basketball hoop on a mug for throwing marshmallows into hot chocolate.”

MAX’IS Creations and Boomf are teaming up to giveaway a box of mini marshmallows with either a Soccer Mug or a Basketball Mug and a box of mini Boomf to two lucky winners! To be in with a chance to win, all you need to do is tag a friend and share this post on Facebook. Winners will be picked at random. Giveaway ends on Monday 10th October.

Max recently made a trip to meet James for a tour around our magical marshmallow factory.