Boomf believes your loved ones should be the stars of your life.

We’re here to help you shower them in love and celebrate their glory - whether they are across the room or across the planet. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just for fun, Boomf gives you the creative super powers to make a totally amazing gift.

Boomf started with our famous marshmallows - now available as a Box of 9, Box of 2 or Mallowpops. Recently we launched the exploding Boomf Bomb and, with Montezuma's, Boomf Chocolate.

Meet the team

The House of Boomf is based in Berkshire's beautiful Ashampstead Common.

James Middleton


Lara Woodhead

Marshmallow Queen

Emma Knight

Guardian of the money

Przemek Lusar

King Developer

Andy Bell

Marshmallow Enthusiast

Brian Kaszonyi

Creative Director

Steve Finan

Biotic Agent

Simon Byrne

Production Bossman

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