Vietnamese Tet Greeting Cards

Celebrate the Vietnamese New Year with one of our Tết greeting cards! Tet is one of the most important festivals for Vietnamese people and their descendants around the world – a time to look with hope to the future, complete with delicious food, visits to friends and family, and plenty of fireworks and festivities. You’ll find a selection of cards that celebrate this fantastic occasion below.
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What types of Vietnamese Tet greeting cards does Boomf offer?

We’ve got all kinds of cards that celebrate this wonderful festival on Boomf. From cute and traditional cards that herald the coming year of the rabbit, and lovely renderings of blossoms and chrysanthemums. 

You’ll find a perfect design right here on Boomf – and in the spirit of making noise and spreading joy, we’ve got some fantastic specialist cards which explode right out of their casing amidst an awesome blossom of confetti. Check out our Confetti Cannons and Boomf Bombs on our homepage to find out more – they’re a gift of their own.

Can I personalise my Tet greeting cards?

You absolutely can. All our Vietnamese New Year Tet greeting cards are completely blank inside – and you can even add your own photo to the front for a uniquely handmade feel, simply select ‘create your own greetings card’ from the options at the top of the page.

How to send a Tet greeting cards?

You can send your Tet greeting cards simply by putting your own or your recipients address in the shipping address option at checkout, shipping is fast and free across the UK.

How to create Vietnamese Tet greeting cards online?

You’ll have a personalised Tet card in no time with these simple steps:

  • Choose your design from the selection above, and pick your card type.
  • Add your text – write a message that spreads good wishes and joy, and adjust it effortlessly with our online personalisation tool.
  • Enter your details, and ship! 

There you have it – we hope you find the perfect card in our selection of Tet greetings cards above – happy New Year!