Teacher Christmas Cards

You’ve probably heard of the teacher Christmas card phenomenon by now. They are becoming increasingly popular every year. But that doesn’t mean your cards are doomed to gather dust on a bookshelf or mantle piece. In fact, with the right design and messaging, your teacher Christmas card can be a fantastic way to show your appreciation for all your favorite teachers in one fell swoop. Don’t let your creativity or nerves get in the way of you sending an amazing card this December! Here are some tips on how you can make yours stand out from the rest...
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What do you write in a Christmas card to your teacher?

Depending on the age of your teacher and the nature of your relationship, there are many different things you can write in a Christmas card to your teacher.

  • Acknowledge their impact on you as a person and as a student. Especially if your teacher was a huge part of your life during your school years, it’s a nice touch to let them know how much they impacted you as a person. How did they change you? How did they help you grow as a person and grow as a student? If a particular class or lesson had a lasting impact on your life or personality, let your teacher know! 
  • Thank them for their patience. One thing that teachers often don’t get enough credit for is their patience. Kids can be a handful, and being a teacher can be incredibly stressful and tiring. Let your teacher know that you’re thankful for all the patience they’ve given you over the years. 
  • Thank them for their time outside of the classroom.  Many teachers go above and beyond the call of duty outside of the classroom as well. They might be club leaders, sports team coaches, or mentors. Let them know that you appreciate their help outside of the school walls.

Are there any special teacher Christmas cards on Boomf? 

  • Teacher’s Helper - This design is perfect for acknowledging and thanking your favourite teachers. If you’ve had a particularly memorable year with several teachers, you can even use this one card to send to several different teachers. You can write one message, and it’ll be printed onto multiple cards.
  • Teacher’s Helper with confetti - Send your teacher a little something extra with this printed card with confetti.
  • Teacher’s Helper with pop-out - Take this printed card to the next level with a pop-out element that will have your friends and family talking.
  • Design your own teacher Christmas card - We know that one size does not fit all. If you’re looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind gift, design your own teacher Christmas card with our online tool!


We hope this article helped you understand how to make your teacher Christmas card stand out. Sending a teacher Christmas card is a wonderful way to show appreciation for the time and effort your favorite teachers have put into your education. As we mentioned above, you can use the tips in this article to help you create the perfect teacher Christmas card.