Son 18th Birthday Cards

Maturity is relative, some countries of the world place 18 as the benchmark for being independent, and others prefer 21. But whatever the general standard is, your son is becoming a man and losing his childish tendencies. This deserves a celebration and a son 18th birthday card.

This young man is eager to see the world, but still a little apprehensive about the challenges he will experience. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do to alleviate this fear but you can give him your love through the 18th birthday card for your son. It can soothe his heart on days you may not be physically present.

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18 Blue Card


Age 18 Card


What card should I get my son for his 18th birthday? 

It's his birthday, the type of card you get will not offend him. However, if you want to show him that you are interested and accept everything in his life? Get a birthday card that revolves around one of his interests. Or you could personally design his birthday card with our online editor. 

What do I write on an 18th birthday card for my son?

  • Maya JAMA birthday card: Happy birthday, son: as you mature, I wish you the best that life has to offer. May you always have reasons to celebrate.
  • Yay for today: Congratulations on your 18th birthday Son. May the joy and laughter you brought into my life follow you all your days.
  • Birthday cake fire hazard:  Congratulations you have attained the age where we keep the fire extinguisher close to your birthday cake. May you always have the best friends and opportunities.

How can you make a personalised happy 18th birthday son card with Boomf?

You can use our online editor to make to personalise any of our birthday card templates or create a unique birthday card with the celebrant's pictures. We always leave the inside of our cards empty for you to write your handwritten notes.

Your son's 18th birthday card is an inspiration for better and greater achievements.