Save The Date Birthday Cards

Save-the-date birthday cards are ideal when you want to invite your friends, family, and close ones to your party. They help your guests plan ahead for their attendance. Make your birthday save the dates memorable and fun with the help of our collection. We offer unique designs, and themes for any occasion and for recipients of all ages. Check out all the options.

How far in advance do you send save-the-date birthday cards?

You should prepare these cards in advance so you can send them to your guests on time and make sure they don’t plan anything for the day of your birthday celebration. We recommend delivering them about six months before the event. To do so, place your order for birthday save the dates with us in advance.

If you place your order Monday through Friday, before 4 pm, it will be dispatched the same day. However, consider that it will depend on the quantity you order, the design, the date and the format. Some styles even require a month in advance.

How can I make my birthday save the dates special?

Want to make your save-the-date birthday invitations special? Try our Boomf personalization tool. This is an online editor through which you can select a template.

Then choose your desired images, photos, backgrounds, text, stationery and decorations. This way you will make your save-the-date cards fit the theme of your party. You can allso take it to the next level with our special products:

  • Flutter Cards: Select a magical flying butterfly.
  • Wild Cards: Choose a character to jump and impact the recipient.
  • Boomf Bombs: These are cubes where you can place the photos you want on several sides.
  • Ta-dah cards: These shower confetti all over the recipient. You can even choose the colour of the confetti.
  • Cannon Cards: It is a card in which you can add photos, design, text and confetti. The card emits confetti as it unfolds to show the recipient what’s inside.

Prepare a special party with the people closest to you. Send them an invitation, that's why we offer you many designs. Surprise your guests with the coolest save-the-date birthday cards ever.