Rude Mother's Day Cards

Family relationships are multifaceted: sometimes rude Mother’s Day cards can express your feelings better than a hundred heartfelt quotes. An unusual sense of humour may be a family thing, and there is no need to resist it! Here, we offer a selection of funny yet nasty cards for your mum. The topics are highly diverse, but only you know which one will be the perfect fit.

Someone may think that these are inappropriate Mother’s Day cards — and, generally, that is the point! A good laugh never hurts, and the contrast with the stereotypical flowers and warm wishes will successfully highlight your relationship. If your mom is game for slightly offensive jokes, explore our designs and make your card truly fun. You could also add a bright confetti explosion to the card to make it a real performance.

In addition, here you will find Mother’s Day cards for bad mothers. Whether your relationship is really quite complicated or you just want to pull a little prank, they are a worthy choice. We’ve prepared cards with various puns, from lighthearted to truly rude, so you’re bound to find the right one for you!

Choosing mean Mother’s Day cards doesn’t indicate your literal attitude. If you complement such a card with a bouquet or a lovely gift, the joke will only bring fun, not offence. This is a special day which gives you a chance to show your love in your own unique way – not a time for dull solutions!