Love Birthday Cards for Him

Tiny actions demonstrate your love for your partner — for example, the ideal romantic birthday card for him. It tells exactly how you feel and how valuable the person is. Motivational quotes, funny puns, sweet pictures — regardless of the length of your relationships and communication style, it is easy to find an option to suit you. Scroll down to see our large collection.

Birthday Cards as a Romantic Sign

Everyone is different and all our relationships are different, and so individual attention in choosing gifts is crucial. Here, we’ve collected varied designs, from cute to naughty ones, so everyone can find suitable options. Explore our ready-made phrases to add them via the visual editor to build a brand new, unique card which your partner will truly appreciate!

What’s on Offer

A special day like a birthday is a chance to remind your boyfriend or husband how much you love him. Check these categories to find the perfect way to express your feelings.

Funny Pictures and Jokes

A short and sweet joke or spicy pun sets a tone. Wordplay or funny expressions will make him smile! There are amusing drawings, motivational expressions, stylised “reviews”, and pictures of celebrities and characters with famous quotes — it has never been easier to pick a romantic birthday card.

Personalised Options

Love birthday cards for him made in a unique style are truly special. Our built-in online editor allows you to add romantic congratulations, pleasant wishes, or inside jokes. If you are not very good with words, find a quote that seems fitting. You can also add your own photos for an original and touching card!

Confetti Surprise

Would you like to add an extra zest to your birthday congratulations? Supplement your card with confetti or a moving butterfly which pops up when you open it. Alternatively, we offer a 3D cube with the same amazing surprise, covered with personal photos or text greetings, fully customizable with our online editor!

Boomf Ensures the Best Reactions

Every day is a new chance to demonstrate your feelings for your partner, and this is never more true than on his birthday. Be it a sentimental note or a romantic birthday card for him, express your emotions in your own style. No clichés — Boomf values an individual approach and assists with designing personalised cards. Add a special wish inside, show your feelings, and as an excellent bonus to the initial present.