Penguin Valentine's Cards

Make a loved one smile with adorable penguin Valentine cards sent their way. These animal-themed cards are designed to give your significant other the fuzzies that only penguins can give. Let them know that they’re the only one for you although there may be plenty of fish in the sea through these card ideas.

What to write in penguin Valentine’s cards

Lean into the cuteness of penguins and highlight their unique and hilarious antics in these cards by writing puns. Witty statements and quotes are guaranteed to make your husband or girlfriend laugh. 

Beyond these, however, you can start thinking about the relationship you share with the person you love and how much they mean to you. Whether you’ve been together for a few months or a few years, you’re sure to find something that speaks the way your heart feels about them. 

How to choose the best penguin Valentine cards

  • Something punny and playful

If sharing laughs with your partner is your best bonding moment, give them a punny and funny design of your own doing. Here at Boomf, we allow you to create your own designs, giving you creative reign over what you want.  

  • One that gives a pop of surprise

Add pizzazz to your penguin Valentine cards by giving them a colorful show of love with Boomf bomb and cannon cards. Since giving pebbles might not be appropriate, confetti is a great to shower them with romance. 

Waddle into each other’s arms after you have given your endearing Valentine’s card. With these penguin Valentine’s cards, you can make the season feel warm with your love for each other. 

At boomf, we love love. That's why we're thrilled to offer Penguin Valentine Cards. These high-quality cards are printed on 100% recycled paper and include 30% of your purchase price to go towards environmental sustainability projects. Plus, all net profits from the sale of penguin Valentine cards will be donated to WILD, an organization that helps protect wildlife in critical habitats.