Mum To Be Cards

Mum-to-be cards are the perfect way to celebrate someone when something so wonderful as pregnancy is happening to them. Such nice cards are exactly what is needed to make someone’s special occasion that much more special. And Boomf has the collection to make that possible for you.

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What do you write on a mum-to-be card?

A woman’s life is filled with ups and downs. Finding out that you are expecting a baby is perhaps the most wonderful moment of your entire life. It can bring up so many feelings that sometimes it will feel like you just need a break. It is just a very big change and a very sudden one. But it is absolutely amazing.

So, when you really think about it, what is best to write on a mum-to-be card? Well, we’ll tell you. The answer to this question is quite simple really. You just need to reassure these newly expectant mothers that while a lot of things are going to change, they will be changing for the better. Yes, you might be left with pretty much no sleep and yes, you will be constantly tired. However, that is all worth it when you see their tiny face light up with the biggest smile. It is just unbelievable. So, it is always good to reassure mums-to-be. Let them know how happy you are for them and if and how they can rely on you.

The best mum-to-be card will have messages of support as well as joy and is bound to make every mum-to-be extremely happy and relaxed. Here’s a list of possible cards:

  • Certified Mum To Be
  • Growing A Tiny Human
  • To The Best Mum To Be


Pregnancy is a hard time. There is no doubt about it. There is no second opinion. But it is also an extremely happy time. But with the happiness, there also come the worries. Late night thinking about whether you are doing everything right or if you could be doing something more. It is perfectly natural to feel that way during pregnancy. What pregnant women really want to know is that despite all the changes the people around them won’t change. Therefore, expressing your support for a mum to be is of the essence. Boomf has the perfect collection of options for and even offers the opportunity to personalise your own card. Therefore, you can browse our website from the comfort of your own home and find the best mum-to-be card for you.