Mom and Dad Cards

Send some love your parents’ way with a mom and dad card. With these, you can express your affection through a heartfelt card for mother and father. Know more about your choices here.

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How to choose the best mum and dad card?

Mum and dad cards may be some of the easiest or hardest ones to pick. There’s no in-between! To get the best greeting cards for mom and dad, just think of what they are like and their interests. Do they enjoy watching movies together? A movie-themed one could work. Just keep them in mind and you are bound to get the perfect card. 

What special mum and dad card does Boom offer?

  • Themed choices

Boomf carries a lot of motifs, which can be in line with their joint hobbies and interests, or their shared traits. There are mom and dad card choices for parents who love jokes, animals, and many more.

  • Customised cards

If you can’t find the right card for mom and dad, you can make them happy by giving them custom-made greeting notes through Boomf’s personalisation features.


The perfect gift for your parents is one you chose yourself. For a personalised mum and dad card, make sure to check out what Boomf has to offer.