70th Birthday Cards for Mum

The celebration of your mother’s seven full decades cannot be complete without an elegant mum 70th birthday card. Attaining 70 years on earth is a feat worthy of fanfare and celebration. Throughout history, the nobility has celebrated this achievement with the platinum colour. Thus, making 70 years a platinum jubilee.

What 70th birthday mum card should I get?

70th birthday cards for mum have different variations. The type you pick depends on the closeness of your relationship and her natural temperament. You can get a platinum or silver 70th birthday mum card. You could also personalise a colourful, yet luxurious birthday card for her. 

What can I write on a 70th mum birthday card?

At this age, your mother deserves the fullest laughter and the brightest smiles. So, let everything you do be aimed at getting that reaction. You could also write meaningful things to them because she will likely treasure the beautiful words you write more than the most expensive gifts.

  • It has been 45 wonderful years of knowing you mum, thank you for making my journey on earth easier with your comforting love and support. I dedicate all my achievements to you and bless the day you became my mother. Happy birthday, mum, I love you.
  • Some cultures describe mothers as gold but I am yet to find the most precious metal that fits your description. You are stronger than diamond and your wisdom more electrifying than Silver. Happy birthday - from the one that loves you the most.

How can I make a personalized 70th birthday card for mum on Boomf?

If you want to make a unique birthday card from our catalogue or something distinctly different, we made available the customise option for you. Some trademark cards in our collection are: 

  • I'm your favourite - pink card;
  • You are not getting older - birthday card;
  • Honeycomb birthday greeting card;
  • Lost count birthday card.

In the end, remember, that no matter what mum 70th birthday card you choose, it’s your love and gratitude that the card represents what will be the most important gift for your mother on this day.