Mother's Day Grave Cards

Mother’s Day is important to everyone, even if their mothers are no longer by their side. However, they might still want to congratulate their mothers, to express their feelings and emotions, so creating Mother's Day grave cards is a good option. Here, you can create Mother’s Day graveside cards in our online personalisation tool.

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Choose pictures that you think will be relevant on Mother's Day grave cards. For example, angels, the sky and the sun, white doves. Alternatively, you could leave it without any pictures. 

Choose the right words. Choose what you want to write in your Mother's Day grave cards – something sincere and warm. Here are some of our suggestions for these wishes:

  • On this day I would like to say thank you to all mothers on the planet for the best gift — life!
  • Thank you, dear ones, for the warmth, tenderness, affection, and care that you so sincerely gave us.
  • Mummy, smile down on me! Thank you for the warmth of your hands and all your sleepless nights.
  • I hope you're proud of me. It's all thanks to you, so thank you for everything! Happy Mother's Day!
  • This holiday is just an excuse to tell you what I feel every day: I love you more than anyone on Earth!

Mother’s Day memorial cards are the best way to say how much you love your mother and express your gratitude to her.