Colouring Mother's Day Cards

Colours have different meanings in all cultures, and sometimes can even have opposite meanings. Choosing the best colour for your card can be difficult, and that’s why we’ve prepared some information about the meanings of colours in various cultures. 

Red, gold, and purple are nice colours. In China, purple is considered noble and romantic. Gold (metal) is a class, indicating nobility and wealth. In ancient China, red was associated with fire. The expression 红红火火 (“red, red, fire, fire”) meant that your life was developing like a red flame. This is very good! If you choose these colours for your Mother's Day cards to colour, you are sure to impress!

In English culture, white, red and black were the triad of primary colors. The oldest symbolic meanings of white are mostly positive: white means goodness, joy, purity, health, multiplication of offspring, peace, and harmony. In British countries, green indicates excess, prosperity, and stability. Money is also green. Choosing these colours to make your coloring Mother’s Day cards prosperous and positive.

In Slavic culture, yellow is considered a sacred and powerful color, since it is the natural color of the sun. Therefore, in this vein, yellow has always been viewed with reverence and understanding. All symbols painted in blue are considered heavenly, divine, and spiritual.