Mother's Day Cards for Friends

Wishes on social media are replacing other forms of congratulations step by step, so stand out with real Mother’s Day cards for friends. Life changes massively when one becomes a mother, so it’s extra important to celebrate your friend’s achievements. Give her a reason to smile with a lovely card!

Here, you can explore our wide collection of Mother’s Day cards for a friend. Take your time and select the one which shows that you will always be there for her. From minimalistic to ornate and from sentimental to funny — there is an option for everyone. Whether she is still having sleepless nights and requires a little extra care or she is ready to joke about the hurdles she's overcome, you’ll find a fitting design. Inside of each card is blank, so you can add a few of your own kind words for a personal touch. Alternatively, type your personalised greeting in a beautiful font in our online editor.

Another feature of the aforementioned online tool is the opportunity to make a custom Mother’s Day card for friend. Pick your favourite photo of her and her child or of you together, for the perfect front picture. Add a confetti explosion or a fluttering, pop-up butterfly for a surprise that never goes out of fashion.

Your friend may need some inspiration, so a cute card with a thoughtful message or a funny in-joke is the perfect choice. With our selection of Mother’s Day cards for friends, you are certain to make her day!