Mother Daughter Cards

Mother-daughter cards are the perfect way for a mother to show her daughter how she feels or for a daughter to show her mother how much she loves her. As it is not always that easy to say what you mean from the heart, sometimes it is better to just write it down. And why not in a card? Boomf’s collection has many options that would more than suit the occasion.

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Age 50 Card


Thank Ewe Card


What do you write in a mother and daughter card?

A nice mum card from her daughter would possibly include the daughter’s feelings of love and affection towards her mother as well as gratitude for being her mother. On the other hand, a nice card from a mother to her daughter would include in pretty much the same way, feelings of love and affection but also pride and joy. It just depends on the individual mother-daughter relationship and how that is for you. Therefore, anything you can write on a card of this kind will depend on your own relationship between yourself and your mother or yourself and your daughter. Here’s a list of possible cards:

  • To The Best Mum
  • A Mum In A Million
  • Thank You, Mum


Regardless of what you want to put in your card Boomf has the options for you. So, don’t hesitate and scroll up to our collection and find the right mother-daughter card for you. Don’t forget that you can always upgrade your chosen design to one of our exploding confetti products.