Letterbox Christmas Gifts

Letterbox-friendly Christmas gifts from Boomf tick all the boxes! Boomf offers a range of fun, brightly-coloured letterbox gifts filled with exclusively selected products. The best part is that all of our letterbox gifts explode with confetti and include a free card that you can personalise with your own photo or an image and a message. Meanwhile, the Boomf Box is a fully personalised 3-in-1 gifting solution that serves as a card, a sweet gift and a confetti pull-and-release feature!

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What is a letterbox gift? Does it make a good Christmas present?

A letterbox gift is precisely what it sounds like. It is a gift you send through the mail, and it gets delivered straight to your doorstep. Not only is it incredibly convenient but it also allows people to get really creative and give a good surprise to the recipient. Additionally, it has become an amazing way for gift giving between people living in different countries or just not being available for the occasion. 

Letterbox gifts can be perfect for Christmas not only due to them being a great convenience but also due to the fact that the things you would normally buy out in the shops are things you can find in letterbox gifts. And why not save yourself the hassle of Christmas shopping in actual shops and just browse from the comfort of your own home? With a few simple clicks, you could have your Christmas shopping done and not have to worry about it anymore. Therefore, letterbox Christmas gifts are the perfect solution.

What can be put in a Christmas letterbox gift?

You might be wondering what can be put in a letterbox gift for Christmas. Most things you would normally buy out in the shops are things you can put in a letterbox. We’re talking about anything that ranges from a large candle and a cosy blanket for the living room to an alcohol gift set. There are different kinds of alcohol sets for people that appreciate a good drink. You can go for a nice bath set for anyone who likes to have a bit of a relaxing time by themselves. Furthermore, there are fun letterbox gifts like puzzles and family games. What you decide to put in a letterbox gift for Christmas will depend solely on the person you are buying it for. However, with the incredible range of products you can get in a letterbox, you can pretty much get any type of gift you can think of.

What kinds of Christmas letterbox gifts does Boomf offer?

Boomf has an amazing variety of products that would fit anyone’s Christmas list. If you’re shopping for a woman with an affinity for skincare, then a Brighten Up Beauty Box With Goji Facial Oil And Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massager gift set can be the perfect option. On the other hand, a man who cares about their appearance would appreciate a Men’s Grooming Collection. As mentioned above, a nice gift set for the shower like Mallows Beauty Perfect Peach Vegan Scrub Set would absolutely make someone’s day. Furthermore, anyone who enjoys spending a good bit of time on their hobbies would surely enjoy some of these gifts:

  • Candle Making Kit 
  • A Question Of Sport – Sports Trivia Board Game 
  • Xbox Icons Light
  • Love Hearts Let’s AvoCuddle Soft Toy


As you can now see, letterbox Christmas gifts can prove to be just what you need in order to save yourself the hassle but also make sure you get nice gifts for everyone on your list. And as the cherry on top, all of Boomf’s letterbox Christmas gifts come with a personalised gift card and explode confetti on opening.