Grandma Mother's Day Cards

Mother’s Day is the happiest day of the year. We want to make our mums, grannies, sisters, and daughters the happiest people in the world, but there is always the same question – How? Easy! Choose a card filled with the warmest words and wishes. 

We know what we do to celebrate this important holiday, but have you ever thought about other cultures’ celebrations, greetings, and Mother's Day cards for grandmas. Today we are going to find out more about the Chinese way of sending wishes.

Since 1988, a tradition has appeared in the southern cities of China of organizing events and contests dedicated to this spiritual holiday. There is a competition for the best mom, the best dish made by a mom, the most fashionable mom, and so on. Chinese children learn to respect and love their parents from an early age, and on Mother's Day they help their mother in everything they do, starting with cooking and washing up after breakfast and up to the performance of a song at an evening concert at home. Here are some other aspects of the tradition:

  1. Care. On this day, in addition to their own mothers and grannies, people thank and congratulate all women, voluntarily providing them with assistance and various services. This gives us our first idea for a Mother’s Day card for Nana. Choose a picture of children helping their grandmothers, be it cooking or cleaning, or of you and your nana watching something together. Such grandma mothers day cards are so touching and valuable because they show the full extent of your love.
  2. Pink carnations. In China, the pink carnation is a symbol of maternal love. A Mother’s Day card for granny with these flowers will look so warm. Light colours are always a good way to show your gentleness and express sincere genuine love. Usually, our grannies are not as strict as our mothers, and they allow us a little bit freedom more than our parents. 
  3. Lotus. Create a Mother’s Day card for grandma with a sense of magic. The lotus is not only one of the most beautiful and mysterious flowers, but also the most ancient. In feng shui, lotus flowers or their images are used to create a cozy, calm atmosphere and to awaken spiritual consciousness. 
  4. Bright red. Make a Mother’s Day card for grannyusing red colours. In China, red is the main color for celebrations, especially Lunar New Year and wedding ceremonies. This color means life in itself, and its development. Therefore, a card featuring shades of red carries eternal love, and wishes for a long and eventful life.
  5. Be yourself. Create a personalised Mother’s Day card for your grandma. Check our Bomb cards. Choose the coolest photos of your grandma and a colour of confetti she will love, and you’ll get the best, warmest, most touching Mother’s Day card for your granny.

Сall your grandmother and tell her how much you love her! Send her your best wishes using one of our Mother’s Day cards for nana. Give her a reason to smile, to feel your love, and to be happy on this day.