Funny Mother's Day Cards for Sister

Your sister is your soulmate, supporter, and protector. She understands and helps you like no-one else. She is the person who understands all your jokes! Sometimes people have a really specific sense of humour, so remind her of yours by choosing the perfect funny Mother's Day Card for your sister.

Choose a colour that reminds you of her. Maybe you have some memories from your childhood, some bright moments that you want to remind her of. Maybe you know her favourite colour, or you can choose some trendy colours like different shades of purple. Select what think is right for the occasion.

Choose the perfect words to say. Your message could be long or short, depending on what your sister likes.

  • Little sister, I wish you a real masterpiece painted on your wallpaper, a talent for creativity with scattered toys, sporting achievements in torn trousers, and great love in your children's shining eyes! Happy Mother's Day!
  • My beloved sister, I congratulate you on Mother's Day, and I hope that your spouse sometimes takes on this honourable load!
  • Thank you for making me the cool aunt!
  • This is your day! Come and hang out with me!

Picking the correct funny Mother's Day card for your sister can be difficult because it needs to be nice, warm, and funny. Choose your favourite photos of you and your sister, and we’ll create a BoomCard for your sister. Add a little firework display with our confetti card option.

 A funny Mother's Day Card for your sister will complete her holiday!