Funny Mother's Day Cards for Friends

Add some originality to your friendship with our funny Mother’s Day cards for friends! Your relationships certainly have many different qualities, and if a shared sense of humour is one of them, you are in the right place. In fact, a quality joke can make you even closer!
Mother’s Day is often expected to be full of love and beauty, but a few witty words or some slight teasing are acceptable if it’s your style. Motherhood is not just a set of serious routines, there is room for laughter too! Make your greeting special by highlighting this.

Remember that this isn’t an occasion to just pick the first card you see. Take time to explore the collection if you really want to amuse your friend. We offer a variety of Mother’s Day cards for friends. Our funny images and hilarious jokes are sure to put a smile on her face. Choose between light puns and almost rude ones to meet their preferences and have fun together.

Do you have a brilliant idea but can’t find a design that fits it? Create your own card! Our online tool allows you to decorate a card with a personal photo and add a personalised wish inside — this is where in-jokes are your best bet. For extra effect, funny Mother’s Day cards for friends can be enhanced with confetti which pops out when she opens it! This will ensure a memorable congratulations!