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Funny Mother’s Day Cards

Leave ordinary and boring solutions behind — go for an unusual congratulation with our funny Mother’s Day cards. A hilarious joke will serve well to acknowledge your mom’s sense of humour, so check out our selection of quirky cards with puns or wordplay. Make your congratulations memorable!

Fun Mother’s Day cards are suitable for anyone who likes a good laugh. Here, you can find options for different styles, ranging from witty and almost sweet to cheeky and sarcastic. We have funny cards for not just mums, but also grandmothers, sisters, wives, mothers-in-law, and other significant women in your circle you may want to cherish on this day.

Explore Our Impressive Variety

Of all Mother’s Day cards, funny ones are among the most popular. The coolest thing is that this category paves a wide path for creativity. The first type includes simple but amusing images, appropriate for practically anyone. The second requires some thinking: will the recipient really be glad to receive such a cheesy wish? If the answer is yes, you have another selection of cards to browse.

The next group contains Mother’s Day funny cards from pets. Dog moms and cat moms will be delighted by such a twist! You can add extra fun by writing a wish from the pet and making up a comical message.

Add a Personal Touch

The card you choose may seem like the best out of the whole collection, but nothing beats a personal touch. Our online editor makes it possible to create exclusive funny cards for Mother’s Day that will put in the place of honour on the windowsill. Place a photo on the cover, add a special quote or your favourite in-joke, and it is guaranteed to raise a smile.

To ensure a funny happy Mother’s Day, add confetti which explodes out when the recipient unfolds the card. For a sweeter, but no less memorable, option choose a fluttering butterfly which will pop out and fly around.

Now, have a look at our ready-made ideas, test our online tool for composing your own card, and ensure a really funny Mother’s Day!