Funny Mum Birthday Cards

Mom is the dearest person in our lives, and her birthday is a special day, so the card must be special. Choose the perfect funny birthday card for mom. A funny birthday card is always a good way to express your feelings, love and wishes; they will make your mum laugh and smile on her birthday. Let’s check out some ideas!

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Milk It Card


We all love our moms and are ready to talk about it at the drop of a hat. But how good it is that there is a special day when you can thank your mothers and grandmothers? Every child will want to make cool birthday card for mom to celebrate the occasion.

A Mother's Day card is a small symbol that will help you show your mom your appreciation and love. It will be the best surprise on such a special day. There are plenty of different cards for mum, but we want to suggest you choose one with a sense of humour, and funny birthday cards for mom will gift your mother not only s sense of how loved she is, but a good mood too. Here are our favorite ideas:

  1. Gratitude. Use funny phrases to express your gratitude with funny birthday cards for mom: “Thanks for sacrificing wine for nine months.” Or “Stop stealing my guys, it's not fair!”Show your mum your love and remind her of her beauty and youth.
  2. Greeting. Use funny pictures to express your wishes with a funny birthday card for your mother. Choose a picture of a baby who tried to bake a cake but burned it and write: “I tried do my best, happy birthday!” The best way to cheer her up.
  3. Celebrities. It’s always nice to hear some kind words from your idol, especially on your birthday. Funny birthday cards for mom are a great opportunity to make this come true. Choose a picture of Leo DiCaprio from Titanic and write: “You are my Rose.” Select your mum’s favorite celebrity or singer and create the coolest funny birthday card for your mom. Check our catalogue for more funny birthday cards for mom. 
  4. Memes. In this digitalised world, memes are becoming a part of our lives daily. Use famous memes to make the funniest birthday card for your mother. Choose a meme she will like, and your customized funny birthday card for mom is ready! Amazing, isn’t it? Your mother’s great mood guaranteed.
  5. Personality. Use a Bomb for the funniest birthday card for your mum. Choose some funny photos of your mum, or images of memes or celebrities, and write your wishes. Such a cool birthday card is bound to melt her heart. Choose the colors of the confetti and the order of photos, and we’ll be delighted to help you make your ideas come true and please your mum. 

Kind, affectionate, wise, caring, dear… It is impossible to count all the words that we so tenderly call our mothers! Pick the funny birthday cards for mom to show your love and amuse her on her special day!