Funny 50th Birthday Cards

Funny 50th birthday cards are the right pick for a big laugh. Whether it is a colleague, parent, sibling or friend celebrating their 50th birthday, these are cool designs and wording that will surely make the celebrant tear up between feats of laughter on their special day. You can browse through our awesome display of witty 50th birthday card ideas here and make your satisfactory pick. Whether you are looking for funny 50th birthday cards for him or funny 50th birthday cards for female, Boomf offers a large collection of funny 50th birthday cards.

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How Can You Make a 50th Birthday Card Funny?

In Boomf, we have a variety of funny cards for 50th birthdays that can either be chosen or created. You can create 50th birthday cards funny by clicking the “Create my Card” option. And personalise it by sending pictures to our online editors.

Which 50th Birthday Funny Cards to Choose?

When it comes to choosing the right funny 50 birthday cards, you must consider the sense of humour of the recipient. We care about feedback and we do wish your celebrant loves the funny fifty birthday cards he/she receives so we do not want you to pick sarcastic 50th birthday cards that are offensive to the recipient or of that sort.

What to Write Inside a Funny 50th Birthday Card?

It's a witty card so you should write something funny in it. Here is a list of funny options to write on a 50th birthday card.

  • Dad jokes
  • Puns
  • Get philosophical
  • Inside jokes
  • Fun memories

What Special Funny 50th Birthday Cards Does Boomf Offer?

We offer trademarked 50th cards birthday humorous on Boomf. The age of 50 is a controversial one when you are stuck between being happy for a new year and dreading getting older. We know all that. But we can also laugh off the seriousness of the situation by buying Boomf cheeky 50th birthday cards that will make tears come out of their eyes as they laugh away worries.

There will be very much to laugh out loud about when you buy 50th funny birthday cards from us.


Whether you're searching for funny 50th birthday cards male or funny 50th birthday cards for her, Boomf has you covered. Choose from our delightful assortment of 50th birthday cards for her funny or browse through our male-oriented options for the perfect card that will make the recipient's day extra special.