Funny 40 Birthday Cards

Love to celebrate someone special yet looking for a funny 40th birthday card? Let Boomf help you stay genuine on what to write on a birthday card. Make someone special, get a dazzling funny 40th birthday card from Boomf, This will help you keep the bond of your friendship.

A perfect way to celebrate someone is by putting a smile on their face. Have you got trouble putting words together? How about a special card with a perfect, unique inscription to put that smile on the face of your loved one at 40?

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How to make a 40th birthday card funny?

    1.Old age. Make fun of the decade they left behind. For example, being 40 have got more wrinkles than being 30.
  • You have just been 40fied
  • A fool at 40 now
  • Aged wine tastes better
  • Age is just a number, but yours is bigger
  • Your 30s just got expired say hello to 40s
    2.Funny quotes. Write them some funny words that mean something else yet fit the


  • You donut look it, but you are ol
  • Older budweiser
  • It's your Birthday Best-Tea

What’s special about Boomf’s funny 40th birthday cards?

You can choose from our unique designs completed with funny inscriptions to keep a mood alive. Or you can create your own card and go wild with memorable photos of your now-40-year-old friend and complete it with a special, extra funny and punny message. For an extra flair, consider getting our trademark Boomf Bomb, Ta-Dah, or Flutter cards that will certainly be a welcome surprise and cause a fit of laughter.

A heartwarming funny 40th birthday card is one of the most affordable ways to show care and appreciate loved ones. Either you send it by mail or give it in person, this will put a smile on someone's face. Get a special funny 40th birthday card with a heartfelt message or select one of our ready-made designs that will create an impression. It's time to explore our collection of funny 40th birthday cards, we’ll deliver your order as soon as possible.