Feminist Mother's Day Cards

Mothers are some of the most empowered women out there and they definitely deserve feminist Mother’s Day cards. You want to give your mum something memorable, so make sure to check out Boomf’s offerings.

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How to choose the best feminist Mother’s Day cards?

  • Find witty greetings

Any fun-loving mom will appreciate a witty greeting that makes them chuckle. This adds laughter to the occasion, while still putting the message across. Plus points if the caption refers to something they love.

  • Iconic 

Feminist icons are, well, iconic. If your mother looks up to any of these figures, you should look for feminist Mother’s Day cards that feature them. 

How are Boomf’s Feminist Mothers Day Cards Special?

Nothing beats feminist Mother’s Day cards that tick all the boxes, from witty captions to iconic figures, combined with original designs and a cute little surprise. Boomf cards offer all of these and more. 

In fact, you can create your own card using customer images, designs, and messages. You can even make confetti bombs, cannons, and Boomf Boxes for an additional twist.


Mother make things happen. If you want to show how much you appreciate her, make sure to get some feminist Mother’s Day cards from Boomf.