Happy Father's Day Pops Card

Pop-up Father's Day cards are a great way to show your love and warm appreciation to your big hero, this could be anyone from your dad, grandpa, uncle, brother, or son. If you've been searching for the perfect Father's Day gift, drop your boots, sip some coffee, and get ready to explore our collection.

Our Father’s Day pop-up cards come in a variety of unique styles, eye-catching features, and creative designs so you’d be sure to see one that suits you. Ready to melt his heart and leave him in a pool of puddles? Simply scroll down and select the best Happy Father’s Day pop-up card for him.

How do I find the perfect pops Father's Day card?

Our exploding photo card collection can be a lot to go through. To help you sift through and pick out the perfect pops Father’s Day card, we’ve divided and grouped our designs into various categories. You’re able to select the best design for him as we have a slew of concepts to choose from. Want to make it a little more sentimental? Pick out a card that best matches his hobbies and personal taste.

What should I write in a Happy Father's Day pop-up card?

Remember, the perfect pop Father’s Day card is more than just a beautiful or fancy design, it’s also the heart and the message. All our 3D Father’s Day cards come blank inside. This means you get the opportunity to deliver an exceptionally written personal warm message. Here are some tips that could help:

  • You want to give him a card that best delivers your warm wishes. This could be anything from a message of appreciation, something fun and hilarious, a letter of encouragement, a short and amusing pun, a quote, or a simple “I Love You.”
  • Search for inspiration on what to write if you’re short of ideas. Just make sure it’s as sweet as your affection for him.
  • If you aren’t sure you want a handwritten note, you could always use our online editor to type your personalized wish. It comes with beautiful fonts to choose from.

Are there any extra special Father's Day 3D cards?

Yes! We have a vast collection of extra cool Happy Father’s Day Pop-up cards to choose from. Make it truly special by ordering our trademark Wild and Flutter Cards. You could even order our Boomf Bombs if you’re looking to add more colour and magic to his day.