Elf Christmas Cards

Elf Christmas Cards On Boomf. These little mischievous creatures are here again now that Santa is packing Christmas gifts for nice children. Let's be honest, elves are the real heroes of Christmas because they are the ones who sort out all those presents for all the children around the world. It must be a very hectic task. This Christmas, we are celebrating the season with elf Christmas cards. They are Christmas cards with little people on them, have a look.

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Who can I give an elf Xmas card to?

Those little creatures with pointy ears and cute pointed shoes want to be good to you this year. These cards can be given to anyone and everyone. They are suitable for both the young and the old, girls and boys. 

In fact, little girls and boys have to be good for the elves to pack them a Christmas present. If the elves don't say so, then they get no gift. Won't you love your son or daughter and be excited this Christmas when an elf tells them that Santa thinks they have been very good?

Give these cards to little children to make their day, grandma and grandpa, neighbours and friends, anyone will love to have them.

What special elf cards does Boomf have this Christmas?

Elf cards are only complete with a naughty trap. Give your recipients a fun experience with elf Christmas card upgrades that have many surprise elements. You can choose between any of the below.

  1. Boomf Bomb 3D exploding confetti card.
  2. A Ta-dah card that says Merry Christmas with a confetti ambush.
  3. A Cannon confetti shooter sprays the opener with a confetti surprise.
  4. Elf pop-out Wild cards have a cardboard figurine inside, folded and ready to jump out to startle anyone.
  5. Flutter cards come with a flying butterfly toy.

And if you want to make your card gift even more memorable after upgrading it, then a personalisation option exists for you to add pictures and text wherever you like.

How do I personalise my elf Christmas card?

To make your elf Christmas card personalised, you have to click the ‘Personalise’ button and follow a few easy steps to add your personal touch. If you wish, you could customise your own elf birthday card with the “Create your own” option. 

Everyone is able to get just the kind of card they want with the elf Christmas card Boomf special features.