Dinosaur Valentine's Cards

Special people in your life who are fond of dinosaurs will surely appreciate getting dinosaur Valentine’s cards from you. If you want your boyfriend or other loved ones to have a dino-mite day, be sure to check out these roaring Boomf cards below.

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What to write in dinosaur Valentine’s cards?

Dinosaurs may long be gone from this world, but don’t let that stop you from sharing some tidbits about these creatures with your significant other. To tie in with this anecdote, let them know that your love is something that will not go extinct. 

How to make dinosaur Valentine’s cards special on Boomf?

  • Go with a bang

Dinosaurs are said to be wiped out by the big bang, but that’s no reason not to keep their memories alive. Celebrate these fascinating creatures by jazzing up your Valentine’s card and giving it an element of surprise. With Boomf, you can create your own confetti cannon or 3D exploding bomb, both of which shower the recipient with confetti. 

  • Dinosaur puns
  • Show your dino-loving loved one that you can make them laugh with dinosaur puns. Boomf has a collection of these and you can even create your own card featuring your jokes.

Greet your loved one with dinosaur Valentine’s cards and they’re bound to feel totally roar-some this Valentine’s Day.

If you're looking for some dinosaur-themed Valentine cards this year, Boomf is the place to go! Our range of cards features dinosaurs in all sorts of cute poses, and there are even a few with witty messages. You can pick up a pack of cards today, and you'll be sure to have a great time sending them to your loved ones.