Dad 60th Birthday Cards

How about dad's 60th birthday card? Happy diamond jubilee to the awesome dads, stepdads, and grandfathers that will get these amazing 60th birthday dad cards from us at Boomf. These are not just any ordinary birthday cards, they are cards designed just for fathers celebrating their 60th birthday. Buy them for your dad and the father figures in your life. These are creative and stylish designs you can find in no other place.

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60 Swirls Card


Happy 60 Card


What Card Should I Get My Dad for His 60th Birthday?

So you have viewed the magnificent 60th birthday cards for dad we have on display and you're making your decisions. Don't worry if you cannot pick one right away, we often have customers who admire too many of our cards to pick just one for their family member or friend but in the meantime, you can decide what to write in it. Just have the idea of what your dad might like because you know him better than we do, then move on to decide the wishes to write within.

What Can I Write on My Dad’s 60th Birthday Card?

If you’re wondering what to write in a lovely 60th birthday card dad, take a look at the feelings you could express, and we hope that it will give you some inspiration for a special message.

  • Appreciation and gratitude
  • Love and endearment messages
  • Proof of his hard work in your life not being in vain.

How Can I Make a Personalised 60th Dad Birthday Card on Boomf?

Boomf gives you the chance to create your own special 60th birthday card for dad. You can choose one of our 60th birthday dad card designs, select the type of the happy 60th birthday dad card and personalise it accordingly.

With our special 60th birthday cards dad, you can show your love and thoughtfulness to dad figures in your life on their special day.


Celebrate your dad's milestone with a heartfelt 60th birthday card for dad from daughter from Boomf. Show your love and gratitude as a daughter through this special dad 60th birthday card.