Cute Christmas Cards

Looking for a fantastic selection of cute Christmas cards? You’ll find a range of amazingly adorable designs right here on Boomf, lovingly put together by a team of independent artists. With that most wonderful time of the year ticking close by, you’ll be able to delight a loved one with a personalised message of good wishes for the holiday season, just check out our selection below to get started.
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How can I make a Christmas card cute online?

Whether for girlfriend, for boyfriend, for friend or loved one of any kind, it’s easy to make a cute Christmas card online – and you can do it all right here on Boomf! With our many personalisation options, show-stopping specialist card types, and fantastic designs, we can guarantee the perfect card, but if you’re stuck for ideas on how to get started – we’ve put together an easy step by step guide.

  1. Choose your design – We’ve got a range of fantastically cute Christmas card designs in our selection above, but did you know that you can also add your own photos? All of our card types come with the option to upload an amazing image straight from your device. For our regular cards, simply select ‘create your own greetings card’.
  2. Write your message – All our cards come with the option of a personalised message. You’ll be taken into our easy to use online tool, where you can write whatever you like, and effortlessly adjust the size and alignment of the text for a perfect fit. You’ll also be able to experiment with the font and colour of your message as well, so your card is beautiful both inside and out. Don’t forget to say merry Christmas!
  3. Review your card, and ship – The easiest step of them all! Before you enter our no-nonsense checkout you’ll be able to make sure your card is just right. Then, simply enter your billing details and the shipping address of your recipient (or your own address, if you’re looking to hand the card over in person). That’s it! We ship fast and in UK — for free.

What other amazing cards does Boomf offer?

Your cute Christmas card will look great on its own, but our famous specialist cards can really take your celebrations to the next level! Here are just some of the amazing types we have on offer that make for extra fantastic festivities.

  • Boomf Bombs! The original exploding photo cube bursts free with a confetti explosion, adorned with your own photos and a personalised message.
  • Wild Cards! Speaking of cute, these cards spring out an adorable cardboard figurine upon opening. We’ve got many different characters to choose from, including a lovely little snowman.
  • Ta-Dah Cards! If you’re looking for a little excitement, but still want a card that’ll look great upon your mantle, our Ta-Dah cards are a simple modification to our regular card types that burst open with a spectacular confetti explosion.

That’s everything you need to know to start putting together your cute Christmas cards – but whichever you choose, we wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas!