Creepy Valentine's Cards

If you need reminding that love isn’t dead, creepy vintage Valentines cards will remind you that love is very much alive and kicking. With its peculiar and even unsettling images, this might just jolt your heart back to life and give love a chance. Below are Boomf’s cards that might make the season of love less scary.

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How to make creepy vintage Valentine’s cards on Boomf? 

  • Make their heart race

Since creepy is the name of the game, make their heart pound with statements, puns, and clever card designs that speak about just how much you love your partner… to the point you want to keep them in your pocket or by “threatening” them to say yes as your Valentine. Coupled with equally creepy images, you can take your Valentines to a whole new level. 

  • Send a photo in your creepy vintage Valentines

To make matters “worse,” include a photo of you two together. Boomf gives you the opportunity to create your own greeting card and even include special photos. Throwback photos as a couple, or even their younger years, will give them a frightening surprise inside their creepy Valentine cards. 

What to write in creepy Valentine’s cards? 

For horror fans, show your loved one a new side to you by writing them a pun about their favorite horror film. Whether it’s The Shining, Child’s Play, or even Dracula, your message is sure to get across by tapping into their interests. 

Round this off with some love at the end to leave them feeling secure rather than just scared, for extra measure. 

Love can definitely make your skin crawl or even make you feel all kinds of things in your stomach. These creepy vintage Valentine’s cards are a testament that even the most bizarre and weird cans can profess heartfelt thoughts.

Valentine's Day can be notoriously cheesy or sentimental for some people, but for others it's a chance to get creative with their cards. If you're into vintage-inspired cards, then check out They've got a wide variety of cards that are both creepy and cute, perfect for anyones taste. Some of my favorites include the vampire card and the heart made of grapes.