Xmas Cards from the Dog

We might not always be able to tell what our dog is thinking, but no doubt they love Christmas – all the cuddles from family, all the leftovers – you’ll be able to show appreciation on your canine companion’s behalf with our Christmas cards from the dog. Whether creating a card for your kids or for the young at heart, you’ll be able to choose a wonderful design, and write a personalised, funny message from your dog so that you’re all sorted for when Santa Paws comes to visit! Just pick a design from our collection of Xmas cards from the dog below to get started, or choose ‘Сreate your own greetings card’ to add an image of your own furry friend to the front. Merry Christmas!
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What would a dog write in a Christmas card?

Dogs are known for their love, loyalty, and happiness—qualities that would be well expressed in any Christmas card. A dog would probably write something about how much he loves you and how much your friendship means to him. There’s a good chance he would also mention treats. You can choose whichever sentiment you want to write, as long as you can also imagine your dog saying it, too. You can even use your dog’s name in the card if you want to be extra silly. Maybe you’re even on a first-name basis with your dog—after all, you spend a lot of time together. 

How can I make a Christmas card from the dog special on Boomf? 

Boomf has a wide selection of designs for Christmas cards. You can choose from a myriad of themes, like winter, animals, or even Santa Claus. The designs vary from super simple card templates to more complex designs that feature pop-out embellishments. If you want something really simple, you’ll find a few options that are just one big photo with a few words written on them. If you want something with a bit more design, you can choose from several different templates. You can even change the color scheme of your card if you want something that’s not red. You can also add special effects to your photos by choosing from a variety of filters. You can also add text to your card, too. If you want to say something extra about your dog, you can even use your dog’s name as the text in the card.


Dogs are great gift-givers, but they do not always have the words to express how thankful they are. Make your Christmas cards from the dog extra special this year. Customize your card with a cute photo of your furry friend and some words of appreciation for your loved ones. From the dog, it is a gift that will be remembered for years to come.