Chocolate Card

A chocolate card is a tasty treat that’s truly a joy to receive. After all, this is a thoughtful gift that will make your recipient smile whatever the season or reason. If you’re in the market for edible chocolate cards, we have quite the selection for you here at Boomf. We have rounded up our best offerings designed to make any chocolate lover have the time of their life.

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What do you write on a chocolate card? 

A chocolate card gives you the best of both worlds – a greeting card and a bar of chocolate in one. One of the best ways you can brighten up your recipient’s day is by writing a short yet thoughtful message that lets them know you’re thinking of them. 

If there are special occasions as to why you’re giving them a card in the first place, you might also want to gloss over this in your message to give your recipients some context. This is particularly apt if you’re giving them sweets for their birthday or your anniversary, for example. End with a message of love and you’re good to go. 

How to choose the best chocolate greeting card? 

One way you can get started on choosing your chocolate greeting card is by looking for the type of chocolate you want to give. At Boomf, we have milk and dark chocolate options to choose from, with each variant having something unique about them, such as premium ingredients like sea salt, honeycomb, and the like. 

In terms of the greeting card aspect, opting for a fun design that matches your recipient’s taste and personality is the way to go. If they’re into adorable stuff or even have an appreciation for vintage-themed designs, the Classy Cover from Boomf’s line of cards will do the trick with its cute hearts peppered on the page. 

How are Boomf’s chocolate cards special?

  • Personalised options

Boomf lets you customise the chocolate cards you’ll be sending out. From the card design, and message down to the choice of the chocolate bar itself, you have control over what your recipient will be getting. This personalised chocolate card becomes even more significant knowing you have put a personal touch to this.

  • A confetti surprise

A card and chocolate delivery are already unexpected, but the extra confetti surprise placed within these Boomf cards just takes this over the top. As your recipient pulls on the tab inside, a shower of confetti will greet them, making this experience a memorable one at that.

Final Thoughts

Transform your recipient’s day and raise the bar on gifting with these Boomf offerings. With a chocolate card delivery right to their letterbox or doorstep, they’re sure to receive your love even when you’re miles away.