Cheap Birthday Cards

Cheap birthday cards are not inferior to luxury or more costly birthday cards. The recipient will likely appreciate the thought behind the card more than its price tag. However, some cheap birthday cards in the UK do not look cheap because of their impeccable design and craftsmanship.

Some of them can be found in birthday card sales online and on-site. When getting cheap cards, ask yourself if you will be happy to receive such a card before purchasing it. A cheap birthday card doesn't mean it should be ugly. It could still be as exquisite as an expensive one— so, choose right.

Are there any cheap birthday cards on Boomf?

We understand that you may have likely gone higher than your budget for the perfect gift and need a good but affordable birthday card. Or you a currently going through a rough patch financially. So we designed unique birthday cards that are cheap but still visually appealing to the senses. So if you want a cheap birthday card, but don't have the time to visit our card library - we have listed some cheap ones for you below:

  • You are a pop star 14th birthday greeting card: Happy birthday Pop star, may this new year make your dreams come true.
  • It's time to make a wish birthday card: the stars twinkle at you, and the candles wait to hear your wish. Believe in the impossible and make that wish, you never know if your answer is around the corner.
  • The 20s? Completed it mate birthday card: Hurray 2 decades completed and 10 more to go. May this new decade bring more wisdom to you, give you relevant relationships and show you how you can become better. Happy birthday, mate.
  • Happy birthday Sister like no other: We no longer have tea parties, nor do we have make-believe sessions under the blanket. But I am grateful for the bond we share, and the blessing of love. Happy birthday dear Sis: keep soaring.

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