Spooky Halloween Cards

Looking to send out some boo Halloween cards this year? Boomf has got you covered! With designs that are both creative and spooky, you're sure to find the right card for everyone on your list. Scroll down and choose from our collection below.
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Of course, you can’t go wrong with a Halloween card design that says “Boo!” on the front. Boo your close ones and leave the card as an anonymous gift on their doorstep.

But if you want to go for that extra surprise — choose one of our cards with a surprise inside. We have Ta-dah cards — confetti launchers that shoot confetti once the recipient pulls the tag. There are also Flutter and Wild cards with a pop-out character inside. Any option is fully customizable. You can add your own photos and text and choose the colour of the background as well as the colour and font of the text. We also offer various pop-out characters and confetti of different colours and shapes to make your experience even more special.

Don’t forget to say “Boo!” or “You’ve been booed!” when they open the card. Their Halloween will be truly memorable with a boo Halloween card from Boo-mf.