Art Birthday Cards

Why art birthday cards, you ask? Well, cards are much more visually pleasing when they are artistic birthday cards. This is why we in Boomf have curated a collection of birthday cards full of beautiful designs, pictures, shapes and colours, to wish a happy birthday to anyone turning a year older.
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How do I turn art into a birthday card? 

With Boomf it is easy to turn your art into an arty birthday card. All you need is an eye for the aesthetics and colours with a dash of creativity and you are well on your way to making the most artistic birthday card.

Boomf has some features available to design your cards however you want. This is our personalization feature. What you need to personalize a card is listed below.

  1. Click the personalize button.
  2. You will find yourself in our online editor.
  3. Add your personalization items like a picture of the celebrant or a name to type onto the card. You can also type your wishes inside the card.
  4.  Decide where you want each item to be positioned on the card.

Don't worry if you are not artistically inclined. Our user-friendly online editor will help you arrange everything you want on a card and get the aesthetically pleasing result in no time.

How to make an artistic birthday card with Boomf?

On Boomf, we have authentic, trademarked card templates that you get to pick from to send an artist birthday card to your friends and family. Follow the guidelines above after choosing your template. 

In our fine art birthday cards collection, we gave room for a lot of artistic expression on birthday cards adapted for all ages. We even have special arty birthday cards for you if you do not wish to have an age written on the cover of the card. The vibrant colours are fitted for any age, gender or preference. You will find here, the best art birthday cards.