50th Birthday Cards for Men

Is your partner about to complete 50 years on earth and you want to get 50th birthday cards and gifts for him? Maybe throw in a DJ, music, dance, food and drinks to celebrate with him? We don't know about that, but we can help you with 50th birthday cards for men.

What type of male 50th birthday cards should I get?

Getting one card is good but multiple male 50th birthday cards are great! Choose a card depending on who the celebrant is — your close friend, spouse, partner or colleague, your relationship, and his interests and character. Some people don't appreciate jokes made at their expense while others jovially welcome them. Some are simple-minded, so a poem with a hidden meaning may not be for them. So study the recipient and pick what he will appreciate.

What should I write on men's 50th birthday cards?

It's a birthday, a time to be merry. Don't be anxious about what you will write. Relax and let the words of love, appreciation and encouragement flow from you to the card. Here are some inspiring write-ups for you.

  • If the wrinkles on your face are symbols of years and experience, you should have the experience of the ancients. Happy 50th birthday.
  • Happy 50th birthday to a man in his prime, or so you think.
  • Cheers to more vigour and less pain, happy birthday Comrade.
  • Happy birthday my love, may your goals be crushed and days bring love and joy to you. 

How can I make a personalised 50th birthday card for him with Boomf?

Visit our catalogue and choose the template you want to edit or create a new template with our customise option. Simply follow the guidelines — and you will get a customised card in no time. Some of our trademark templates include: 

  • Happy birthday, best-tea card
  • You are how old? Birthday card
  • Here come the support bubbles
  • Gordon Ramsay birthday card

The party will be over, the laughter lost in a thousand good memories but the words written in the 50th birthday card for him will be unforgettable.