Birthday Cards for 3 Year Olds

3rd Birthday Cards

It’s time to find a 3rd birthday card — your little one has done it again! First, your kid was one year old then two years and now it is three years, completing their third trip around the sun! Surely you're psyched about celebrating this occasion as much as possible with colourful presents, parties, and birthday cards for three-year-olds. All with the intent of getting valuable pictures and videos to show your little one when older so they too can appreciate the memory of it all.

The time and energy are what we look behind that make us smile at years long gone. Children grow up fast, a 3rd year birthday card would last for just a year, and before you know it they're gone, it's the memories and celebrations we passed through with them that help us watch them forge to heights.

Still, what better way to appreciate the present than with bursting fun colours and birthday cards for a 3year old to celebrate the now.

What is the best card for a 3 year old?

A colourful one! Children love brilliant, and bright colours, so a specialized 3rd-year birthday card would be an attention grabber for the cameraman to take that time memorable picture of them starting in awe at the colours of the card.

What do I write on a birthday card for a 3 year old?

Seeing as most 3years can't read yet, the texts you write should be in varying colours to attract their attention. And more importantly, you should write a message to their future self, one they'll read at 12, 16, and 20, and smile. Yes, the perfect 3-year-old birthday card write-up should be a short life message to his/her future self.

How do I create the best birthday card for a 3 year old?

As mentioned earlier, colours are everything for 3year olds and babies. To further raise their interest and attraction to the birthday card, it's common for parents/guardians to add pictures of their favourite toys, which can be done with the help of our online personalization tool. And of you’re aiming for a truly special gift, choose one of our exploding cards, that are not only eye-catching from the outside, but also explode in a shower of colourful confetti (you can even choose its colour).

Children are a gift to the world and as such, they deserve only the best of love and wishes every day, especially on their special birthdays and a specially customized 3rd birthday card would go a long way to make them happy.