1st Daughter Birthday Cards

Your little ray of sunshine is almost 1 and it’s time to buy a daughter's first birthday card along with other gifts to make her first birthday special. To celebrate one of many milestones, there will be cake, food, drinks and fun activities for the little one and family. And a befitting daughter 1st birthday card.
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How to find the perfect daughter first birthday card?

You can get your daughter's first birthday card in card stores near your location or visit Boomf to peruse our collection of birthday cards and choose the best one for your baby girl.

What should I write on a 1st birthday daughter card?

Give her your best wishes and express your love for her.

  • Happy birthday Sweetie, may your life be filled with unending joy, beautiful lessons and the tenacity to pursue your dreams.
  • Happy birthday, cupcake, the world is waiting for you to see it. As you grow, let the world be amazed by you, and thrive!
  • It's your first birthday anniversary on earth, I wish you all the joy you brought into my life and may the excitement of childhood follow you as you mature. Happy birthday, dear.
  • Happy birthday, love may you always be in the company of good friends and have access to the right information.

How can I make my daughter's 1st birthday special with a card from Boomf?

Birthdays are special celebrations and birthday cards make these days more colourful. With Boomf, you will be able to create special birthday cards for your bundle of joy. 

Some great card templates are: 

  • You are my cup of happy birthday card
  • Happy birthday cat's birthday card
  • Birthday Dinosaurs greeting card
  • Happy birthday balloon greeting card
  • Rainbow love birthday card
  • Happy cupcake day greeting card

Your daughter's first birthday card should be special just as she is — pour all your love into the search and be rewarded with a worthy card from Boomf.