1940 Candy Gift Boxes

The candies from the 1940s have brought joy to many kids and adults alike during this time in history and 1940 candy gift boxes make for a great walk down memory lane. Get your hands on these nostalgic sweets with what Boomf has to offer.

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What do you fill 1940 candy gift boxes with? 

  • Best candies of the time

What better way to stay on theme than by getting candies that fall under the era? Some of the best candies of the time include M&Ms, Bazooka bubble gum, Whoppers, Mike and Ike, and Fun Dip, to name a few. 

  • A sweet note

Sweet treats definitely deserve an equally sweet note to go with them. You can even include a piece of history by adding a fun fact about these candies.  

How are Boomf’s 1940 candy gift boxes special? 

Boomf takes every 1940 candy gift box seriously. Besides giving you an assortment of candies that are era-appropriate, we also take the time to place these goodies in boxes that scream retro, truly befitting what’s to come. To top it all off, we also give recipients the surprise of their life with a shower of confetti upon opening the box. 


1940s candies will be a blast to have. With our Boomf 1940 candy gift boxes, you and your recipients will surely have a grand time getting to know the sweets of the past.