1930 Candy Gift Boxes

Retro-themed celebrations can be fun, exciting, and delicious with 1930 candy gift boxes. They offer a lot of tasty treats that are definitely suitable for the theme. Discover more such gifting options here.
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What do you fill 1930 candy gift boxes with?

  • Era-appropriate candies

Now, this may be a bit hard, as many of them have changed the packaging, and some may have been phased out, so your best bet is to find things reminiscent of those.

  • Themed gift card and box

The best way to show off the theme is to get cards and boxes that bear pop culture references, style, and aesthetics of the 1930s.

How are Boomf’s 1930 candy gift boxes special?

Boomf carries a wide variety of candy gift boxes, including 30s-themed ones. A 1930 candy gift box contains delicious candies packaged in a retro package that is not only on-point but also glamorous and visually appealing. The best part is that they come with a pleasant surprise in the form of a confetti explosion.


Nothing beats a themed party where guests participate in the motif. Boomf can help you keep up with the style with our 1930 candy gift boxes that are sure to delight your recipients.